Our know-how as well as our experience over many years with existing buildings and building fabrics enables us to the possibility to offer our clients a wide range of services.

As a preparation for construction planning or for documentation purposes we carry out inventories and produce drawing plans of existing buildings.

We advise our clients regarding aspects of listed buildings and how to deal with them.

Renovation / corrective maintenance

Restoring and preserving existing buildings as well as a corrective maintenance can save and conserve the building fabrics, this enables the retention of property value and its appreciation.

The adaptation of existing buildings to your personal requirements and needs will generate an individual space.


By bringing the building fabrics to the state of technology, more comfort and a higher quality of living will be given.

All possibilities are at hand to enable your personal standard of living. By improving the buildings efficiency and fabrics the legally requested technical standards can be met.


The existing facilities will be adapted to the specific requirement profile. More interior space can be obtained through optimized alteration and improved functionality.

Rise of property value thru capture of the planning opportunities.


The preparation of the appropriate reconstruction is ensured by means of analysis of building fabric, technical diagnostics and causal research.

We develop reconstruction concepts and scrutinize different versions of reconstruction for their aptitude. We determine the fitting course of action to carry out an economic reconstruction while keeping your business running.